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An apple peeling machine works as an apple peeler, apple corer, apple slicer, and potato peeler.This kind of Commercial Apple Peeler Corer Slicer is portable and can peel,core,cut,slice in one time for apples,pears,lemons etc.The peel is paper-thin, so you get more apple (see picture showing peeler in action).Quickly and easily pare, core, and slice large amounts of apples, pears and potatoes with the handy Norpro Apple Master.The suction cup feet on the bottom prevent the apple peeler from sliding on the counter.

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This machine is suitable for the operation of apple peel and core.Its vacuum base and clamp hold the tool securely in place on any surface while it works.The introduction of commercial apple peeler corer slicer machine: The commercial apple peeler corer slicer machine uses aluminium profile as the main processing part, and crystal clear organic glass as the cover.

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Adjust to peel-only, if desired, to peel apples without slicing, or to peel potatoes.

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The sp It has a stainless steel blade and spike holder for maximum performance.

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Descriptions: The machine is multifunctional, can complete peeling, coring and cutting in one machine.Also,it can cut apple into 2, 4, 6, 8 segments or just peeling coring without cutting and It is small, easy to operate, one person can operate 2 sets...

The machine is applicable to peel fruits such as apples, Pears, peaches, etc.

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Adella Kitchen and Dining with Health Apple Slicer plus free garlic peeler with bag Stainless Steel Apple Corer 8 Slices with Sturdy AntiSlip Silicone Handle for Comf.The Back to Basics apple peeler and corer is easy to clean. (Image: apples image by Marek Kosmal from The Back to Basics apple corer has a lot more uses than just removing the core from your apple.

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