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Pick up your Museum Month discount pass at a San Diego City or County libraries to enjoy half-off admission at more than 40 San Diego Museum Council (SDMC) member museums.

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The best things to do in Tokyo range from top restaurants to fun attractions to unique places to visit.

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Famous for a sublime coastline, pristine waters and abundant wildlife, Panama City Beach presents the ideal locale for a beach vacation.Things to do in Grand Cayman: stingray city, snorkeling, bioluminescence, fishing, private charters, paddle boarding, crystal caves, local food tour, scuba diving.

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Built with dark stone and bricks, the structure is a tangled sculpture of ships, churches, crosses, and key historical figures that are as mysterious as they are thought provoking.Kotor Montenegro is a walled city located alongside the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro.

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Our family is American, but we have a very unpatriotic habit of traveling internationally over the Fourth of July.

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Fun things to do in Salt Lake City include attractions, family activities, museums, art galleries, national parks and sports.Discover 6694 hidden attractions, cool sights, and unusual things to do in the United States from City Hall Station to The Exorcist Stairs.

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Be sure to check out our master post, Things to Do in NYC, for even more ideas.Cebu island is one of the most visited islands of the Philippines and I was wondering why, as many people said they did not like it.

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I would like to add some things though.:-) The Metropolitan Museum of Art is, in my opinion, one of the three best art museums in the world, so I think that definitely belongs on the list as well.

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This beautiful city is the only walled city in North America.

At some point in its history, Saigon was colonized by the French, who left a clear mark in the look of the city.The Church is perch on the ridge of Fresh Creek eastern seaboard and overlooks the crystal blue waters of the great Andros barrier reef.

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A List of the Top 10 Cool Things to do in Quebec City By Kimberly Handfield Quebec City is not only the capital of our glorious Quebec Province but is known as being one of the most visited places in Canada.

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These 100 things are in no way ranked and only by chance grouped together in any kind of order.