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While it may at first seem odd to you to buy mobile services from a big box retail giant, Walmart has offered competitive rates that use cell towers in place via the nationwide network of T-Mobile.While I was at Walmart, I saw the display for T-Mobile right next to the Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited plans.

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Devices sold for use on T-Mobile prepaid service are to be activated.

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Cancel your service for any reason within 7-days of activation and we will refund you the full purchase price and any associated taxes and fees.

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If you purchase a new phone online, it will include a SIM card Free but if you would like to use an existing phone, purchase this SIM card activation Kit.This 3 in 1 SIM kit will get your compatible phones on the T-Mobile 4G LTE network.If you recently purchased a universal SIM card kit or device from a non-Cricket retailer such as Amazon, Target, or Walmart, use this easy step-by-step guide to activate your Cricket service.

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Using a prepaid phone is an ideal alternative if you are looking for mobile phone service without the hassle of committing to a long-term mobile service contract.

Apart from the standard cell phone services such as local and international calling and text messaging, there are other more specific.

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All of our 3-, 6- and 12-month plans feature a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee for all purchases made directly from Mint Mobile.It was the best switch I made and the service has been fantastic.To activate your service, you will need a Straight Talk Unlimited 30-day Service Plan Card for activation.

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